4Discovery’s Jeffrey Hartman featured in debate article in the October issue of SC Magazine

Intellectual property theft and cyber breaches have a significant impact on our fragile economy, causing $250 billion in damages to countless artists, technology developers and companies last year. The CFAA is a necessary tool for combating these offenses.

The law is a unique deterrent against those who trespass into a computer system to steal property or cause damage. Aren’t the IP rights of inventors and shareholders just as worthy of protection as the rights of those who would access a computer system with intent to take what is not theirs?

Yes, the CFAA has been tragically misapplied recently, but tossing out a law that has so much potential to protect our economy and the heritage of our inventors is a knee-jerk response to over-zealous prosecutors and provides justice for no one.

Let’s tweak the law, removing the criminality of terms of service violations, leaving intact the CFAA‘s ability to punish real “bad guys.”

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