A great crowd, excellent Q & A, and lively conversation punctuated our cocktail reception CLE in the beautiful library at the Union League Club of Chicago last week. Thank you to our many clients and friends that attended! We can often judge the success of a presentation by the quantity and quality of the Q & A that follows, and this program on mobile device discovery was a good case in point. Our experts addressed some of the cutting edge issues related to identifying and producing relevant ESI from smartphones and other mobile devices.

Perhaps the high point of the evening (besides the yummy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, of course) was a demonstration that led our audience through an exercise on their individual smartphones in which they were able to see a listing of everywhere they have been (including the time and date) since they owned their phone. This, as you might imagine, was an eye-opener for many, and served as a powerful and dramatic illustration of the type and value of stored user activity.

4Discovery co-founder Chad Gough and one of our mobile device champions, Melody Haase provided some useful tips from the trenches which accented the argument for why attorneys should consider mobile device ESI in their cases. A few takeaways included…

  • PHONES KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING. Text messages, notes, and GPS locations are just the tip of the iceberg. The amount of user information that phones record within apps and other system data is truly shocking…and most of this potentially relevant ESI is recoverable.
  • MOBILE DEVICE ESI IS OFTEN UNIQUE.  The user data on a mobile phone can often be the ONLY source of particularly useful digital evidence. It can be your best source and this valuable data may not reside anywhere else.
  • DON’T FORGET THE CLOUD. What? The dog ate the defendant’s smartphone so they can’t comply with the court order for the iPhone examination? No worries. Lots of relevant mobile device user data is being replicated in the cloud (often without the user’s knowledge) and cloud sources can be great containers of “deleted” ESI, even in data is missing from the actual device.

Couldn’t attend our CLE? No problem. Contact us at info@4Discovery.com and we will send you a copy of our “Mobile Discovery: Outsmarting the Smartphone” CLE presentation. Stay tuned for info on our next digital forensics CLE!