Demand for training in this specialized area is growing as social media becomes an important source of relevant digital evidence

You were most likely aware that 4Discovery is a leading provider of digital forensics for the litigation community, but did you also know that we frequently provide internet investigation training at the federal and local law enforcement level?

Last week, our very own Melody Haase led a two-day training program in Vermont for an elite group of law enforcement officers. Melody’s specialized expertise is in high demand as the volume of internet content being created by suspects, criminals, and parties to litigation have increased dramatically. Highlights of the training program included online investigative methodologies, internet and social media evidence sources, and uncovering illegal activity or relevant digital evidence that resides deep within various online communities and marketplaces.

One of Melody’s recent successes involved locating and identifying the former mistress of a prominent New York City hedge fund manager. The law firm hired by the manager, now being harassed and stalked by his former anonymous mistress, sought Melody’s expertise in identifying the true identity and whereabouts of the former mistress. When her actions and communications became threatening and illegal, Melody’s online sleuthing provided the valuable evidence to help resolve this case.

Internet-created content is becoming an extremely valuable source of electronically stored information in a wide array of civil litigation, corporate investigations, and criminal cases. Attorneys and law enforcement agents are turning to 4Discovery to sharpen their investigative skills.


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