Preserve Data Quickly

Nearly everyone is using a smartphone and is gathering mass amounts of data on them. However, no one is willing to part with their beloved iPhone or Android for a day, let alone multiple days. The same is true for computers and tablets.

Remote collections, to preserve a forensic image, help alleviate the objection for custodians about the loss of their devices while providing attorneys with the power to move cases forward more quickly. Remote data collections have been gaining traction in the litigation process over the past few years, but since 2020, it has almost become the norm.

As a result, attorneys are looking to collect data faster and move on to discovery, but dealing with objections and obtaining access to custodians’ devices and accounts can often slow down the process.

custodian doesn't want to give up their phone
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Eliminate Push-Back

There are always objections to overcome during the data preservation process:

“I can’t be without my phone…”


“This will take forever…”


“Unduly burdensome and a violation of privacy…”


4Discovery’s remote collection process has successfully assisted attorneys in overcoming these common objections.

computer ready for a remote data collection

Remote Collection Benefits

Swiftly Preserve Data

Before there is a chance to lose, alter, or destroy any valuable assets, a remote collection provides secure access to data earlier, helping to move to the next phase of discovery quicker.

Quick and Convenient

A custodian never has to give up their computer or smartphone and doesn’t lose access to an email or social media account. Collections are arranged at the custodian’s convenience, can be done on evenings and weekends, and require a minimal investment of time.

Collected By Experts

4Discovery’s digital forensics experts perform the entire data collection and authenticate and testify to the collection in a court of law. So a custodian doesn’t need to be tech-savvy or worry about self-collection.

It Limits Costs

Boots on the ground and traveling to a custodian for collection is time-consuming and costly. The only additional cost for a remote collection is shipping.

Secure and Safe

A remote collection ensures that a custodian’s device(s) will not be lost or damaged during the shipping process. Additionally, all collected data is encrypted during the process and at rest.

A Confidential Process

Keeping a custodian’s data confidential is always a concern. However, confidential and non-responsive ESI can be identified and excluded using a protocol.

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What Can Be Collected Remotely?

Almost everything. Computers (Windows and macOS), mobile devices (iOS and Android), email accounts, social media, and more can all be collected remotely.

A device, including a work laptop, personal computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., isn’t physically required to collect data from emails or social media accounts.

Remote Collection Process

The traditional collections require too much effort from the attorney, so the remote collection process is easy and painless by design. However, it is not a “self-collection kit,” as the collection is performed live by a digital forensic expert.

We’ve conducted hundreds of remote collections, preserving data quickly and accurately for attorneys while providing convenience and security to custodians.

Need a Remote Collection Protocol?

A remote collection can create confidential information and privacy concerns from custodians, opposing counsel, and judges. 4Discovery’s Remote Collection Protocol helps handle the objections from these parties.

It’s the most frequently requested document by attorneys, and we’re happy to provide a completed copy on-demand.