At 4Discovery, we’re relentless about education.

In 2023, we’re setting a goal to take our CLEs and webinars to attendees from each of the 50 states plus the District. We know that’s a big goal. But with everything that’s changed in the past few years, we feel it’s necessary. 

Our team of forensics and eDiscovery experts are hard at work creating meaningful content for these sessions. For ease of usage, we’ve organized them by the University numbering system. 

100 Level examples

  • Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • Introduction to eDiscovery 

200 Level examples

  • Remediating Data the Right Way
  • Mobile Forensics – Outsmarting the Smartphone
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Investigating Departing Employees

300 Level examples

  • Slack eDiscovery
  • How Modern Employees Steal Data
  • iCloud Forensics
  • Microsoft 365 eDiscovery and Collections
  • Mobile Device Data in Distracted Driving Cases
  • Sexual Harassment
  • What’s In Your Google Account – It’s Not Just Gmail

400 Level examples

  • Microsoft 365 Audit Logs
  • What to do when an employee quits
  • Where’s Waldo? – Modern Geolocation Tracking and Forensics
  • Apple Watch Forensics
  • Securing Yourself in the Cloud/We’re Splitting Up – How to Separate Accounts Post Divorce (IRMO)
  • Protecting Your Data in the WFH Era

500 Level example

  • Protecting Your Data in the WFH Era

If you’d like for us to hold a CLE or training for your team, reach out at the scheduling link below. We’ll set up a conversation where we can discuss your team’s needs. Otherwise, keep an eye out for updates as we hit the road as 4Discovery presents the 50+1 Roadshow. 

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