Over our fourteen years in the digital forensics, analysis, and expert testimony fields, we heard a repeated comment from our clients. They enjoyed how reliable our experts were and they wished that they didn’t have to take their data to an additional company in order to review that data in an eDiscovery hosting platform. 

Earlier this year, we took their advice and added review hosting options to our service offerings. Now, with choices in RelativityOne, Relativity Server, and Reveal Brainspace, our clients can experience some of the most trusted solutions in document review without needing to look for further resources. It’s a solution designed to meet their needs. 

One of the reasons that we have been successful as a company is that we look for clients with a similar mindset as ours. We seek out clients that see the value in finding workflows that break down their complex needs into simple solutions. With their emphasis on customer experience and cutting edge technology assisted review, these three hosting solutions do that. They are tools that match our own company DNA. 

The feedback from clients that have been utilizing our new resources has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate how our boutique level of service has been applied to the experience. It’s something that they hadn’t been able to find in the factory-style big box eDiscovery providers. 

If you’d like to find out more, please reach out at info@4discovery.com. We appreciate the time to speak with you about the options.

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