Business Software Audits

Have you received a demand letter from the BSA? Need a Software audit?

We can help.  The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is established to protect software companies from software piracy. Many companies, however, do not understand the BSA process, and they make critical mistakes that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, settlements, and privacy breaches. 4Discovery can help you navigate these complex and adversarial disputes.

We have decades of experience in working with the BSA and technology attorneys. Our Software Audit process documents your compliance and protects your interests and your Intellectual Property at the same time. Working with your attorneys, we can protect our findings as privileged information. Our technology can save you thousands of dollars.

4Discovery uses the most advanced software auditing technology available today, and our experts can deploy this technology with exceptional cost-savings whether you have 10 computers in one office or thousands of computers in multiple locations. Our process is proven and defensible.  We have delivered outstanding results for some of the finest law firms in America.  Ask about our references.

Our Methodology…

  • Protocol and strategy development: Helping you design a process for performing your audit and preserving electronically stored information.
  • Project Management: We can manage the process so you can focus on your business.  Our best practices are time-tested.
  • Software scanning:  Installing, administrating, running, and supervising an automated network inventory and software inventory tool.
  • Interpreting the results: and assisting your IT team with reconciling identified software with purchase records.
  • Documenting critical dates and verifying and authenticating your compliance.
  • Expert Reports, to assist you with documenting your good faith compliance initiative.  We can also serve as your audit experts with your attorneys at BSA meetings and conference calls.
  • Follow-up: Providing consulting and technical expertise to you and your attorneys as you negotiate with the BSA.

BSA Sofware Audits Capabilities

Download “BSA Sofware Audits Capabilities” as a PDF by clicking here.