Our Team

Pedigree Matters

Having an experienced team in place is essential for the success of any matter. 4Discovery’s team has years of experience with forensic, eDiscovery, incident response, and information governance projects. Our team uses our collective experience to walk clients through a case from start to finish. We help our clients develop strategy, write protocols and discovery requests, and understand the electronic data related to their matter.

For electronic evidence to be admissible, it must be harvested in a forensically sound fashion by a digital forensics professional. An inexperienced or incompetent forensic examiner can cause errors at any critical stage of the forensic process and place your case in jeopardy. 4Discovery’s forensic experts have produced outstanding results in thousands of cases and have extensive testimony experience, advanced training, and certifications. Ask about our references and CVs.

Key Team Members

Chad Gough

Owner & Founder

Chad is the owner and founder of 4Discovery. He brings over 18 years of experience in all aspects of digital forensics, electronic discovery, and information security matters. Chad heads up most forensic projects and provides expert testimony and consulting for attorneys. He routinely presents on a multitude of electronic evidence topics at various professional organizations for attorneys, litigation support professionals, corporate general counsels, forensic examiners, and information security professionals. Chad currently teaches courses on computer forensics and incident response at DePaul University, focusing on internet vulnerabilities, criminal activity, and investigative procedures.

Sarah O’Connor, SHRM-CP

Head of Finance and Human Resources

Sarah leads and develops 4Discovery’s Finance and Human Resources departments. She oversees day-to-day financial operations, business planning, and budgeting, and maintains internal reporting systems and accountability for all financial activities. Sarah also supports 4Discovery as the head of Human Resources. As an HR Generalist, she oversees all HR functional areas with a special focus on strategic planning to support the long-term goals of 4Discovery. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family expressing her creativity in the kitchen.

Wolfgang Wilke

Senior Forensic Investigator

With over 15 years of experience in computer forensics, Wolfgang has extensive expert testimony experience in state and federal courts. Using his strong background in both database forensics and accounting, he has been involved in deconstructing data stores on lesser known mobile apps, conducting audit log analysis and extracting data for EHR disputes. Wolf is passionate about working with technology, specifically forensics. He maintains a strong commitment to “solving the puzzle” and finding the best possible solutions to client dilemmas.

Senior Forensic Investigator

Ryan Ferreira

Senior Forensic Investigator

An industry-recognized expert in mobile forensics, Ryan has over 12 years of digital forensics experience and provides expert testimony at all levels of the courts. He has been published over a dozen times and has presented at over 30 conferences and conventions nationwide. With technology rapidly developing, Ryan maintains multiple certifications and professional memberships to provide clients with the most up-to-date information to support their matters. In addition, Ryan earned an M.S. in Digital Forensics from Central Florida University.

Nate Binder

Forensic Investigator

With a degree in digital forensics and four years of forensic experience, Nate consults on several different projects at any given time. He has developed specialties in digital video recorders (DVRs), personal security audit cases, and cell phones. Nate strives to provide creative solutions for clients, enjoys solving complex problems, and loves to keep up to date with the latest in mobile technologies.

Connor Novak

Forensic Investigator

Connor started with 4Discovery in 2013 as an intern while pursuing a degree in Digital Forensics and Computer Investigations. His responsibilities have since evolved as he’s grown in the field of forensics. He is often working and assisting on a multitude of projects throughout their lifecycle at 4Discovery. Connor loves communicating with clients and performing on-site work. He has a passion for solving dynamic puzzles and uncovering the truth in all matters.


Joseph Mione-Shadwick

Forensic Investigator

A seasoned digital forensic examiner, Joseph brings a unique wealth of knowledge to 4Discovery and its clients. He has a degree in accounting and a Cybersecurity Bootcamp certificate from the University of Miami. In addition, Joseph has a solid commitment to delivering accurate results and on time to support matters.

Chris Thomas png

Chris Thomas

Digital Forensics System Administrator

Chris is responsible for the technology, upkeep, maintenance, and care of 4Discovery’s state-of-the-art digital forensics lab. In addition, with a decade of experience in technical experience and a background in customer service, he coordinates and facilitates the hardware and software needs of our team of digital forensic experts. Chris previously worked in technical support roles supporting Dell, Boeing, and Apex.

Colin Lirch

Colin Lerch

Account Manager

Colin is a seasoned Sales Executive with over twenty years of experience in litigation support, Ediscovery, business development, and client support. During his tenure in the industry, he served as a regional Vice President, sales manager, and top-level salesperson to corporations both large and small while working with AM Law 100 and boutique law firms. Colin focuses on delivering superior quality service and excellent work product in a rapidly changing industry with complex demands. Colin enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys outside of work, mainly on a baseball field. He also stays active in his community by Coaching youth Baseball, basketball and was Little League President in his local community. colin@4discovery.com

Will Ris_4Discovery

Will Ris

Sales and Marketing

With over a decade of experience, Will leads the sales and marketing function for 4Discovery. Having earned an MBA in Marketing, he is responsible for the company’s client acquisition, digital marketing, public relations, and communications efforts. With senior leadership success in multiple B2B industry verticals, including telecom, SaaS, and sports and entertainment, his focus is on delivering value to clients and amplifying the organization’s core values. will@4discovery.com

Penny lg


Chief Morale Officer

As the Chief Morale Officer, Penny is responsible for snuggling with employees and chewing on dog toys. She greets everyone that comes into the 4Discovery office with a friendly smile and her constant enthusiasm is contagious. She’s an ideal member of the team as she’s always confident, eager to please, and incredibly responsive. If you’re lucky, you may hear Penny’s welcoming bark in the background of a phone call.