Electronic Discovery

4Discovery’s Electronic Discovery strategy is very simple. We plan, we win. It’s as easy as that! We have all of the necessary means and a proven planning process that can help us to evaluate your case and get you the results that you desire. Our entire staff of experts is ready to help create a strategy that will meet the needs of our client no matter what your litigation budget may be.

We have taken the time to streamline what is quite often known as a time-consuming process. With our method of electronic discovery, we are able to provide you with the valuable information that you need in a timely manner. 4Discovery is a true team of professionals that are armed with the knowledge of how to locate and then consolidate the pertinent electronic evidence promptly in order to provide the information that is necessary to chalk up a win in the courtroom.

Electronic Discovery with 4Discovery includes, but is not limited to:

  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • De-Duplication

Do you need expert testimony? 4Discovery is prepared and qualified to provide you with expert testimony in the courtroom in terms of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery.

Our staff of trained professionals works diligently to expedite the Electronic Discovery process while at the same time aim to keep the costs at a minimum. Just a sampling of the Electronic Discovery services that we provide to all of our clients include:

  • Determination of which data is pertinent as well as what is also an appropriate target
  • Clear advice on the best way to minimize disruption of your business in terms of ongoing operations
  • Strategic planning and consulting that results in assisting our client with a comprehensive Electronic Discovery Strategy. The last thing that we want is for you to end up wasting any of your money and/or time on potential dead ends.
  • Looking through all of the evidence in order to find a truly cost effective manner identifying and then locating and retrieving evidence.
  • Identifying and then mapping of networks, email systems and computer utilization along with strict contingency plans that will help to ensure that no evidence is exploited in any way.
  • Professional evaluation and vetting of the opposition’s own Electronic Discovery experts, their technology and subsequent tactics.
  • The articulation of and responses and objections to the requests for production, deposition notices and interrogatories. Additionally, 4Discovery provides an expert witness who is guaranteed to posses quality court presentation skills.

What can 4Discovery’s proprietary technology provide for you?

  • Creation of detailed information maps that help to document the link between any files, metadata and anyone who may have been involved in the sending, receiving or even the modification of the file.
  • Timely search and organization of thousands upon thousands of computer files such as emails
  • Prevention of the chance of inappropriate release of any information that may be excluded or privileged.
  • Submission of graphics to show information-mapping that can clearly demonstrate to a courtroom or negotiating table the flow and relationships involved
  • Exportation to a variety of the popular litigation support databases.

What exactly happens if 4Discovery comes across damaged, deleted or even hidden data during Electronic Discovery?

  • 4Discovery works tirelessly to give our clients the highest level of Computer Forensics services possible. We pride ourselves on giving top notch care to the recovery and restoration of any deleted, otherwise hidden or encrypted emails and files.
  • We stand by our findings and will back our electronic evidence 100% that it will be able to hold up in court. Additionally, we work to make sure that there is a clear chain of custody for all electronic media along with a strict evidentiary path. For all of our clients, expert testimony will be provided.

Electronic Discovery Services

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