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Auto Accident & Distracted Driving Cell Phone Forensics

Millions of smartphones accompany millions of drivers in the US daily. Unfortunately, these cell phones lead to distracted driving accidents, injuries, and mortality. The phone activity contains a detailed history, including data on how and when a driver used their device. Cell phone data can be a powerful tool to determine if the phone was in use at the exact moment of impact in an auto accident.

Consider this:

  • Text messaging and social media messaging have overtaken email as the new communication method of choice
  • The average American checks their smartphone 344 times a day, which is every four (4) minutes
  • The number of traffic fatalities increased in 43 states in 2021
  • 93% of Americans admit to using a phone while driving
  • Text messaging and social media messaging have over-taken email as the new communication method of choice
  • By 2023, there will be more smartphones on the planet than humans

If you’re not getting data from cell phones, you should be. If you are getting data, not all cell phone extractions are created equal.

Not All Cell Phone Extractions Are Created Equal

Things people can do on their cell while driving besides making a call or sending a text that can cause distractions:

  • Pick up their phone to look at a notifications
  • Unlock the phone with FaceID
  • Follow directions on map services
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Sending or reading emails
  • Browse the internet
  • Commenting on Insagram
  • Watching a TikTok video
  • Plugging in the phone to charge
  • Take photos or videos
  • Changing songs on music apps

Power Of Protocol

Things to remember when requesting activity data from a cell phone:

  • Be specific on what type of forensic extraction will be taken, including the methods and tools used
  • Will the extraction be done remotely and will it require the physical device
  • What activity from the phone and what timeframes are of interest
  • Protect clients’ privacy and ensure non-relevant and personal information will not be produced or reviewed 
  • How will the extracted information be presented and shared with all parties involved

The proper protocol can set a matter up for success. 4Discovery has composed hundreds of protocols to ensure our clients obtain the correct cell phone data to support their clients and their cases.


Simple Procedure For Handling Cell Phone Evidence

  1. Keep the evidence from going away – Turn off the phone and don’t turn it on.
  2. Work with an expert – The right protocol for the matter is vital.
  3. Preserve the data the right way – Not all cell phone collections are created equal.

Our Methodology 



We learn about your matter, the devices involved, and your designed outcome. We provide a prescribed approach to collecting the right data.



Working with you and the custodian, we facilitate the collection of data from smartphone device(s).

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Based on the stage of your matter, we provide everything from an informal report of findings to a complete affidavit. At 4Discovery, we are prepared to testify to all of the work that we performed on your matter.