Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Our world is a digital world, and the critical evidence that lies at the heart of most business disputes is often found in Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Computer Forensics is the art and science of applying both highly advanced forensics software and hardware and years of experience to the process of locating, preserving, authenticating and producing electronic evidence.

Nearly every incident involving misconduct, diversion of intellectual assets, security breaches, or internal corporate compliance violations contains digital evidence that if uncovered, would prove invaluable in illuminating the event. Often times, the digital tracks unknowingly created by wrong-doers can only be found in electronic form. Even the most sophisticated criminals leave behind digital fingerprints that can unravel their schemes when scrutinized by a talented computer forensics expert. The integrity of your case and a just outcome requires consideration of the electronic evidence, and how this compelling data can bring clarity to even the most complex issues.

The Data Explosion is Here

It is estimated that the total amount of data stored on our planet doubles every 18 months, and boards of directors, attorneys, investigators and corporate security professionals can not afford to ignore this rich source of intelligence when conducting investigations. eMail, text messages, social media sites, smart phones, and Cloud Computing databases are but a few of the ubiquitous sources of potentially relevant evidence in any comprehensive investigation. Electronic evidence is often the best evidence available.

Our Reach is Impressive

We maintain a small core group of key employees and an elaborate network of partners that enable us to deliver our services globally. We work in teams….we’re not just a “one man shop”. This provides you with the resources you need when your case expands beyond its initial scope. We are scalable, with a deep bench. Clients in every corner of America and 15 countries have benefitted from our expertise.

Speed is Critical

We know that your case can not wait. In many investigations, the discovery of electronic evidence is the driving factor in determining your initial case, in making critical decisions, or in persuading a judge to issue that emergency TRO. 4Discovery staff members understand that world, and we are extremely accustomed to mobilizing the resources you need – when and where you need them.