Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics

They Are Ubiquitous.

Everywhere we look we see people pecking away at their smart phone keypads. It is becoming clear that ESI from these devices can be a goldmine for those attempting to discover relevant evidence.

Our Experts Help You

Smart Phones can leave behind an indisputable digital trail. The experts at 4Discovery can help you recover this potentially valuable Electronically Stored Information (ESI), and use it to produce a compelling digital time-line of user behavior.

Consider this:

  • Apple sold over five million iPhone 5 devices since their roll-out in September
  • Analysts predict over 1.2 billion new smart phones will be sold in the next 5 years ((“The Latest InfoGraphics, Mobile Business Statistics for 2012″.  Forbes.  Mark Fidelman, May 5, 2012))
  • 67 million iPads have been sold since hitting the market just a few short years ago
  • Text messaging has over-taken email as the new communication method of choice

Can You Afford to Ignore This Relevant and Discoverable ESI?

Users are often very careless about the kinds of things they text about and the sites they visit on mobile devices.  Mobile devices contain lots of sensitive date.

  • 34% of users store sensitive data on their mobile devices
  • 55% of users admit sending work emails and company data to their personal email accounts using a mobile device
  • 89% have mobile devices connected to their company networks
  • Many smart phones are in use outside the control of corporate IT security controls

We Can Help You Recover this Valuable Data

4Discovery has a record of results in identifying, preserving, and producing ESI from mobile devices and smart phones.  Our services include:

  • The most modern hardware/software for extracting data from mobile devices
  • The ability to examine a wide-array of smart phones and other devices
  • Trained examiners with impressive industry pedigrees
  • Decades of forensics testimony experience to help you authenticate your ESI
  • Support for 8,900 different cell phones, tablets, and GPS devices
  • “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) issues consulting

Top 10 Types of Evidence Potentially Recoverable From Mobile Devices

Some of the ESI recoverable from mobile devices can include…

  • Corporate and Personal Email and Web-mail
  • Text and MMS Messages
  • Geolocation data and GPS history
  • Documents and files copied from computers
  • Internet History and Social Media
  • Call Logs and Contacts
  • Data from 3rd Party Applications such as banking transactions
  • Calendar Entries
  • “To-Do” lists and other tasks
  • Photographs and Video (including time stamps and location data)

ESI stored on a smart phone can be unique, relevant to your case, and discoverable.

Mobile Device Forensics Capabilities

Download “Mobile Device Forensics Capabilities” as a PDF by clicking here.