Remote Collections

Why Remote Collections

Remote data collection is becoming a regular occurrence and 4Discovery has designed an easy and painless process for attorneys. Collecting quickly and working directly with custodians, our digital forensic experts conveniently and securely preserve data before it is lost, damaged, or altered.

How It Works

Remote collections help alleviate the objection for custodians about the loss of their devices while providing attorneys with the power to move cases forward more quickly. It is not a “self-collection kit” as the collection is performed live by a digital forensic expert.

4Discovery's remote collection process

The Benefits of Remote Collections

Swift Preservation

Secure data and information faster and earlier, before it gets lost or altered, allowing you to move faster to the next phase of discovery.

Convenient Scheduling

Custodians don’t physically give up their device(s). Collections can be performed with minimal time investment for custodians and can be done at their convenience (evenings/weekends). 

Expert Collection

Custodians don’t need to be tech-savvy and self collect.  All work is done properly by an expert who can authenticate the collection in a court of law.

Lower Costs

Travel to a custodian is not required, no onsite or boots on the grounds. The only additional cost is shipping.

Safe & Secure

Their original devices will not be lost during shipment. All data collected is encrypted in transit and at rest. 

Completely Confidential

Confidentiality of the custodian’s data is always a concern.  Confidential and non-responsive ESI can be identified and excluded using a protocol.