Our Team

Pedigree Matters

Having an experienced team in place is essential for the success of any matter. 4Discovery’s team has years of experience with forensic, eDiscovery, incident response, and information governance projects. Our team uses our collective experience to walk clients through a case from start to finish. We help our clients develop strategy, write protocols and discovery requests, and understand the electronic data related to their matter.

For electronic evidence to be admissible, it must be harvested in a forensically sound fashion by a digital forensics professional. An inexperienced or incompetent forensic examiner can cause errors at any critical stage of the forensic process and place your case in jeopardy. 4Discovery’s forensic experts have produced outstanding results in thousands of cases and have extensive testimony experience, advanced training, and certifications. Ask about our references and CVs.

Key Team Members

Chad Gough


Chad is the owner and founder of 4Discovery. He brings over 18 years of experience in all aspects of digital forensics, electronic discovery, and information security matters. Chad heads up most forensic projects and provides expert testimony and consulting for attorneys. He routinely presents on a multitude of electronic evidence topics at various professional organizations for attorneys, litigation support professionals, corporate general counsels, forensic examiners, and information security professionals. Chad currently teaches courses on computer forensics and incident response at DePaul University, focusing on internet vulnerabilities, criminal activity, and investigative procedures.

Phil Knox

Director of Business Development

Phil has two decades of experience in the legal technology field. He utilizes his extensive knowledge to help clients find the right solutions. Phil focuses on advising clients on complex litigation matters, project strategy, and business development. He also works with clients to put B2B vendor contracts and professional service agreements in place. Phil previously managed information technology for a global law firm and has experienced both sides of a case.

Jeff Hartman

Business Development Consultant

Jeff is a consultant with 4Discovery. He brings over two decades of corporate security, investigative, and electronic discovery experience to the team. Jeff focuses on advising clients on complex litigation matters, project strategy, and business development. Before he began his career at 4Discovery, Jeff led the worldwide intellectual property protection team for a global technology corporation.

Nate Binder

Forensic Investigator

With a degree in digital forensics and six years of technical and forensic experience, Nate consults on several different projects at any given time. He has developed a specialty in digital video recorder (DVR) and security audit cases. Nate strives to provide creative solutions for clients and enjoys solving complex problems.

Josh Lowery

Forensic Investigator

With over a decade of IT and forensics related experience in academia and top tier eDiscovery consulting firms, Josh brings a unique set of skills to the team. Using his experience, he is able to provide assistance to projects from all over the spectrum of the DFIR and eDiscovery fields. His “Jack-of-all-Trades” approach has proven useful in a variety of cases ranging from the analysis of a single workstation to the full eDiscovery lifecycle to malware analysis to long-term data remediation projects and everywhere in between. Josh enjoys working with new or unique technology and is always up for a complex challenge.

Connor Novak

Forensic Investigator

Connor started with 4Discovery in 2013 as an intern while pursuing a degree in Digital Forensics and Computer Investigations. His responsibilities have since evolved as he’s grown in the field of forensics. He is often working and assisting on a multitude of projects throughout their lifecycle at 4Discovery. Connor loves communicating with clients and performing on-site work. He has a passion for solving dynamic puzzles and uncovering the truth in all matters.

Wolfgang Wilke

Forensic Investigator

With over 15 years of experience in computer forensics, Wolfgang has extensive expert testimony experience in state and federal courts. Using his strong background in both database forensics and accounting, he has been involved in deconstructing data stores on lesser known mobile apps, conducting audit log analysis and extracting data for EHR disputes. Wolf is passionate about working with technology, specifically forensics. He maintains a strong commitment to “solving the puzzle” and finding the best possible solutions to client dilemmas.

Melody Haase

Project Manager

Melody is the Project Manager at 4Discovery. She brings her fierce creative problem solving to projects to ensure client needs are met and projects run smoothly. Using her investigative and intelligence research background, Melody assists clients with developing strategies, drafting discovery requests, and creating customized solutions. In addition to her work on projects, she is a frequent speaker on investigative and ESI-related topics and works with the sales and marketing teams to develop CLE content and write copy. Melody uses her organizational and technical writing skills to draft contracts and develop processes and procedures.

Sarah O’Connor

Office Manager

Sarah is the Office Manager at 4Discovery. Sarah strives to make everyday internal and external engagements run smoothly. She assists with ensuring team and client needs are met. Sarah handles billing, accounts payable and receivable, and manages vendor and partner relationships. Sarah also serves as the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) coordinator and plans special events hosted by 4Discovery. Sarah possesses a keen eye for detail and meticulous organizational skills that assist in keeping the team on track.


Jane Kitick

Director of Branding & Marketing

Jane is an instrumental part of the business development and marketing teams. She manages our website by creating advisories, event invites, and press releases. She educates our clients about our brand by using social media and newsletters focusing on company happenings. Jane pulls from her background in teaching and customer service to hone in on what people want to learn and what they need to know.


Bob Figuly

Account Manager

Bob is an account manager with 4Discovery. He strives to provide creative digital forensic solutions to attorneys and corporate clients. Bob offers a wide scope of expertise coming from over a decade in the eDiscovery and informational governance world. He is an IBM certified Enterprise Content Management Information Lifecycle Governance technology partner and held many senior level leadership roles before assuming his current role at 4Discovery.

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Eduardo Filho

Software QA Manager

Eduardo is the QA Manager at 4Discovery, in charge of the software quality evaluation efforts. He has a CSTP-M certification on IIST, an MBA in business management and almost 15 years of experience in software quality and test automation. Before joining 4Discovery, Eduardo worked with software testing on several different platforms and architectures, leading local and remote QA teams on major IT organizations around the world. Eduardo is very passionate about test automation and performance engineering, and has vast experience with most scripting tools. He strives for attention to detail on software testing and auditing, continuous process improvement and team efficiency.


Director of Security

Pixel is 4Discovery’s Director of security and is responsible for keeping our team and our office safe and secure. Pixel lets us know when visitors arrive, and has been trained to differentiate between clients and people that are not nice. She does her best to stay quiet during conference calls. Pixel also helps protect our client’s valuable electronic evidence and serves as our liaison with the Department of Homeland Security.