X-Ways Updater

We’ve been quietly developing digital forensics tools and forensic software to assist in our analysis for almost 10 years, and until recently, all of that source code has been sitting around and collecting dust.  As time permits, we will be dusting it off, adding some updates, and releasing some of it to the public.

Think of it as our way of saying thank you to everyone who has written articles, published research, or contributed software/code to the forensic community.

These utilities are provided “as-is” and are free for both personal and commercial use. As with any software, including ours, you should always independently validate your findings.  Oh, and if you find any of our utilities useful, feel free to drop by @chadgough or @4Discovery on Twitter and say thanks. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome!

X-Ways Updater

Keep X-Ways Forensics Up To Date

At 4Discovery, we consider X-Ways Forensics to be the swiss army knife of forensics programs. And with updates being released sometimes weekly, we created X-Ways Updater to help keep us current.

Usage: Copy xwfUpdater to the directory where you want to install X-Ways Forensics. An ini file will be created once you enter your license information. Choose the components to update and download. Your existing configuration and settings will be retained.


  • Requires a valid/current X-Ways Forensic license
  • Updates X-Ways, the viewer component, or MPlayer
  • Download an updated NSRL Hash Database. Note that this is really only useful for new installs as it will overwrite any existing hash databases that exist
  • Updates scripts/templates from http://www.x-ways.net/winhex/templates/
  • Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0
  • Free for both personal and commercial use

X-Ways Updater v1.5 - Released 05-24-2013