Drywall Technology


Two of the world’s largest manufacturers of drywall were engaged in a high-stakes battle over patents and trade secrets related to the manufacture of drywall.


Our experts were retained by the plaintiff to locate and examine highly technical electronic data for the purpose of proving a misappropriation. Our computer forensics expert identified and authenticated ESI which demonstrated spoliation and patent infringement.


In a highly complex case lasting over three years, significant expert reporting and court testimony resulted in a $105 Million settlement for our client.

Drywall Technology Project Services

Computer Forensics

Our world is a digital world, and the critical evidence that lies at the heart of most business disputes is often found in Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Computer Forensics is the art and science of applying both highly advanced forensics software and hardware and years of experience to the process of locating, preserving, authenticating and producing electronic evidence.

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Expert Witness Reporting & Testimony

4Discovery can provide each and every one of our clients with expert services in a wide range of areas pertaining to Computer Forensics. Today, it is imperative that you have a professional, expert presentation in a courtroom in order to win. We provide nothing but the highest level of expert testimony along with the reports and findings to back it up.

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