How Modern Employees Steal Company Data


The way to approach trade secret cases has changed in the past twelve months and continues to evolve. The number of sources and destinations has multiplied between corporate and personal devices. What’s more vital than ever is knowing where to look for data taken by an employee.


The New Trade Secret Landscape
Sources & Destinations
Investigation Data Theft
Artifacts & Where To Find Them
Knowledge Is Power
Case Studies
Key Takeaways
Q&A Session

Presentation Deck

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The presenter is Chad Gough, who walks through the dynamic trends in trade secret occurrences, leveraging the knowledge of 100+ matters over the past two years.

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Chad Gough

Owner & Founder / 4Discovery

Chad is the owner and founder of 4Discovery. He brings over 20 years of experience in all aspects of digital forensics, electronic discovery, and information security matters. Chad heads up most forensic projects and provides expert testimony and consulting for attorneys. He routinely presents a multitude of electronic evidence (ESI) topics at various professional organizations for attorneys, litigation support professionals, corporate general counsels, forensic examiners, and information security professionals. Chad currently teaches courses on computer forensics and incident response at DePaul University, focusing on internet vulnerabilities, criminal activity, and investigative procedures.