Outsmarting the Smartphone


Six billion smartphones will be in circulation in the year 2020. These phones and other mobile devices can leave behind an indisputable digital trail, and the electronically stored information (ESI) on them can often be relevant unique, and a wealth of data. Many employees freely admit sending confidential company information with their remote devices.

Take an in-depth look at how to use or dispute mobile discovery in your next case.

Topics include:

  • The volatility of mobile data and how to preserve it before it is lost
  • Remote collection of smartphones
  • Producing and reviewing mobile ESI

Presentation Deck

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You will hear from Chad Gough, Owner & Founder at 4Discovery will explain the treasure trove of data available in smartphones that may be of importance in your cases – both clients’ and defendants’ phones.

chad gough headshot

Chad Gough

Owner & Founder / 4Discovery

Chad is the owner and founder of 4Discovery. He brings over 18 years of experience in all aspects of digital forensics, electronic discovery, and information security matters. Chad heads up most forensic projects and provides expert testimony and consulting for attorneys. He routinely presents on a multitude of electronic evidence topics at various professional organizations for attorneys, litigation support professionals, corporate general counsels, forensic examiners, and information security professionals. Chad currently teaches courses on computer forensics and incident response at DePaul University, focusing on internet vulnerabilities, criminal activity, and investigative procedures.