Predictions For 2021


Few could have predicted how the events of 2020 unfolded, but we see what will have a lasting impact going into next year. 4Discovery has been advantageous in witnessing how the global and domestic events have shifted the legal industry across the board.

We want to help you get 2021 off on the right foot and know what to expect in the coming year. Join us for our new webinar of bold and insightful predictions for 2021.

Topics Include:

  • 4Discovery’s predictions for 2021
  • What will carry over from 2020 and continue to linger
  • What will be the biggest areas impacted

What To Expect

  • 60-minute webinar with 4Discovery’s Chad Gough with an anonymous Q&A session.
  • Post-webinar mail (whether you attend or not) with links to the presentation video and deck.
  • An invitation email to our next webinar.
  • No phone calls, no sales emails, no meeting requests.
Our goal is to provide knowledge and information to help support your matters, not sell you something.

Presentation Deck

Click to view and download a PDF version of the webinar presentation deck.

Who Is This For?

While this webinar will cover elements that are beneficial for any organization in the legal industry, the topics covered will also be beneficial for multiple organizations including individuals in the following group of positions:

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Corporate Executives
  • General Counsels
  • IT Executives


You will hear from Chad Gough, who will walk you through the bold, the obvious, and the not so obvious predictions for the legal and digital forensics field in 2021.

chad gough headshot

Chad Gough

Owner & Founder / 4Discovery

Chad is the owner and founder of 4Discovery. He brings over 18 years of experience in all aspects of digital forensics, electronic discovery, and information security matters. Chad heads up most forensic projects and provides expert testimony and consulting for attorneys. He routinely presents on a multitude of electronic evidence topics at various professional organizations for attorneys, litigation support professionals, corporate general counsels, forensic examiners, and information security professionals. Chad currently teaches courses on computer forensics and incident response at DePaul University, focusing on internet vulnerabilities, criminal activity, and investigative procedures.