Remote Collection & Review of Modern Digital Evidence


Modern eDiscovery is no longer simply about collecting and reviewing emails. The proliferation of text messages, social chat, and other online communication apps has increased the pool of potential digital evidence in discovery.

Remote data collection has been gaining traction for several years, even before social distancing. It allows you to preserve data quickly, is a convenient alternative for custodians, and allows attorneys to move faster to the next phase of discovery.

Topics include:

  • An overview of recent case law involving electronic communication
  • Best practices for remote collection of all types of digital evidence
  • How to effectively plan your modern document review


You will hear from Phil Knox, Director of Business Development at 4Discovery, and Sonali Ray, Nextpoint’s Director of Legal Strategy. The duo will present a detailed look at the case law surrounding new types of discoverable communication, best practices for remote collection of digital evidence, and how to best plan for your document review.

Phil Knox

Director of Business Development / 4Discovery

Phil has two decades of experience in the legal technology field. He utilizes his extensive knowledge to help clients find the right solutions. Phil focuses on advising clients on complex litigation matters, project strategy, and business development. He also works with clients to put B2B vendor contracts and professional service agreements in place. Phil previously managed information technology for a global law firm and has experienced both sides of a case.

Sonali Ray

Director of Legal Strategy / Nextpoint

Sonali earned her mechanical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a registered patent attorney before the USPTO. She has practiced as corporate counsel and an intellectual property associate, with experience negotiating and drafting corporate, commercial, financial, and trade agreements.